What We Do

At GeoTrackID, our goal is to help improve the distribution of royalties collected on behalf of artists, labels and publishers worldwide.

We achieve this by applying our technology to find out what music has been played where - both online and in the real world.

As an artist, label or publisher, your songs are: streamed online, purchased in download stores, remixed and shared by fans on UGC platforms, played on TV and radio, and performed at clubs and festivals.

All of this activity generates data.

However, the complexity of the music industry leads to fragmentation that makes it seriously difficult for you to access this information.

It can be even harder for the music industry to make sure that your royalties payments find their way back to you.

This is where we help.

Artists +

We probably already monitor your tracks, but you can also upload fresh material to us and we’ll start looking out for it right away. As well as reporting your plays to performing rights organizations, we'll provide you with direct access to this data via our analytics panel.


We collect data from a wide range of partner companies to help you monitor your online and streaming plays across all major platforms. See which of your tracks are the biggest hits with your fans and watch as your new releases gain popularity around the world.

Radio +
TV Monitoring

We monitor all major TV and radio channels to find out what’s hot on the air waves. As an artist, you can search your play data by location to see where in the world your releases are doing best. Huge in Japan? We'll let you know about it.

Clubs +

Our hardware plugs straight into any soundsystem and creates accurate tracklists of the music played. We submit the data to performing rights organizations and ensure that each artist gets the recognition that they deserve.


Number Crunching

Musical recordings in our database
Artists and producers in our database
Tracks identified to date

In The News

One of the most exciting announcements for technology, music, and legal enthusiasts in 2014 has been the testing model of Geo Track ID (GTI). It uses digital identification for music played in venues – allowing for more accurate royalty distribution.
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Berlin’s Prince Charles nightclub trials GeoTrackID system for fairer licensing fee distribution.
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Helping rights organizations form a more accurate picture of what DJs are playing...this little box will hopefully get a more fair share of money to the people who actually produce the music that we like to listen to in our and many other clubs.
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Music-identifying software could solve underground artists’ royalty problem.
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