The Lab

The Lab is where we showcase current applications of our technologies. It’s where our products live before they reach prime-time in the music industry.

Club and Festival Playlists

Our custom-designed, secure hardware plugs straight into your soundsystem to produce detailed playlists for your musical event. Submit our data directly to performing rights organizations to ensure artists whose tracks are played get the recognition they deserve.

Advanced Track Identification

At the heart of Geo Track ID is our Advanced Track Identification algorithm, ATI. Our algorithm is able to recognise any audio - from individual samples or stems in a song to entire tracks in a DJ mix. We firmly believe that this makes ATI the most advanced music-identification system in the world. This patent-protected technology is the result of months of research and development by the GTI team.

Artist Dashboard

We provide free access to our music-analytics dashboard to all artists registered with GTI. See which of your tracks are getting attention in the different corners of the world, and use this information to plan your next tour or release schedule. We’re already working with some of our favourite artists and labels in our hometown of Berlin.

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